A hundred years ago, a spaceship crashed. And everything changed.

Immediately, complicated technology started to become unreliable. Within days, airplanes were grounded; within weeks, the world was at war as nation blamed nation, desperately trying to undo – or at least understand – the changes that had overcome the world.

At the same time, magic began to emerge into the world. Gods both old and new manifested undeniably, dragons razed town after town, and some people found themselves unexpectedly transformed into new shapes – some monstrous, others nearly human-like.

Around the crash site, an area of increased strangeness formed and expanded. Space and time ceased to work linearly, and the landscape and structures bore little or no resemblance to what had been there before the crash. Authorities quickly decided to block off this area and began building a wall. The current Wall is, in fact, the third, as the first two attempts were overtaken by the chaos before they could be finished.

Of course, where there is something hidden or blocked off, there will be people wanting to get to it. Increasingly as the world gets back on its feet – even if they’re somewhat different feet than before – people try to make their way past the Wall and find what can be found beyond. Whether they go for profit, for glory, for intellectual curiosity, or any other reason, none of these adventurers are known to have returned.

Broken World

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