Broken World

Down and Up

The party was somewhat reunited, as Amnon abruptly appeared in the earthen dungeon, while Sadrin was nowhere to be found. Dat Boi, an elf seeking riches, also showed up, and Kyra brought them both up to speed.

Whiile Lord Draxis attempted (with limited success) to get useful answers from the orange-headed figure, Amnon and Dat Boi determined that the hole in the floor led to the sky; Amnon lowered himself with a rope, and found himself hanging above a beach.

In the meantime, Draxis made two breakthroughs: he received a Cap of Water Breathing from the figure, and was shown the first three-dimensional image the orange-headed one produced. It appeared to show, all in blue, a number of mushrooms spilling from a crack in some unidentifiable object.

Shortly thereafter, Orange-head opened a way out and provided a set of similar Caps to the rest of the party. With some difficulty, they managed to figure out the caps’ command word and get past the eels and trap in the path, eventually emerging into a canyon.

The big bad badgermoles
formerly "all the little people"

The party made some attempts at figuring out the sphere, with little success. Sadrin found a left-hand glove, which he decided to wear.

After a time, the party wandered away and found an earthen structure, arguably underground, with some strange spatial properties. Among other things, it cannot be entered except by climbing to the top of its staircase and then going down.

Within that place, the party discovered a sleeping man, or at any rate something man-shaped. Lord Draxis managed to get himself trapped, and the rest of the party left him there for a while. In the meantime, they found a trapped chest full of colored stones and a room full of gears that didn’t move.

Once he was freed, Draxis gathered all the stones for himself. The party then confronted the man, reaping confusion for their troubles.

Round and round and round

While wandering through grasslands, the party caught a glimpse of something metallic in the distance. Though it seemed to change direction somewhat as they walked, they headed for it, on the assumption that it could be interesting and/or valuable.

The terrain grew rockier as they proceeded, and a bit of poor luck caused the party to trip over a pair of fauxlders, which attacked in response.

Before too much longer, the adventurers found the metallic object, which appeared to be a featureless sphere some thirty feet in diameter.

Curiouser and curiouser

The party came to a rocky area, and were swiftly set upon by a Spinebeast. They defeated it, but the sounds of others discouraged them from lingering.

Before long, they came upon the castle of the Mad “King”. Whether or not he is in fact royalty was never established, but he certainly seemed comfortable giving orders to adventurers. He also seemed deluded, telling party members to remove helmets they weren’t wearing and sending them to slay a dragon that was, in fact, a rock.

Whatever he was, though, the king didn’t seem malicious; when the party returned from the rock he rewarded them for trying their best, even though they didn’t succeed.

Setting Forth

Bravely the party assembled and began their adventure, terrorizing a guard into letting them past the Wall.

One of the first oddities they found was an immense statue, toppled against a cliff. Numerous ghosts seemed to be using it as a road, although from where and to where were not clear. With some trepidation, the party climbed the statue to the top of the cliff, suffering no discernible ill effects from the ghosts.

Not long thereafter they encountered the City of the Vanished. After some discussion, they slept inside a mall, encountering spooky noises but little else.

The next morning, they set off through a swamp. Falling down a sinkhole, they encountered a small group of bullywugs, whom they promptly slaughtered. Or mostly – one did manage to escape.

Navigating the cave below the sinkhole, the party found a path out blocked by a tangle of tree roots. While most of the adventurers were able to slip through (with various amounts of difficulty), Amnon found himself trapped as Lord Draxis, from outside the tunnel, tried to set fire to the tree. This set the roots to thrashing wildly, which technically allowed Amnon to get through, but left him barely conscious.

Once he reached relative safety, the party camped.


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