Broken World

Down and Up

The party was somewhat reunited, as Amnon abruptly appeared in the earthen dungeon, while Sadrin was nowhere to be found. Dat Boi, an elf seeking riches, also showed up, and Kyra brought them both up to speed.

Whiile Lord Draxis attempted (with limited success) to get useful answers from the orange-headed figure, Amnon and Dat Boi determined that the hole in the floor led to the sky; Amnon lowered himself with a rope, and found himself hanging above a beach.

In the meantime, Draxis made two breakthroughs: he received a Cap of Water Breathing from the figure, and was shown the first three-dimensional image the orange-headed one produced. It appeared to show, all in blue, a number of mushrooms spilling from a crack in some unidentifiable object.

Shortly thereafter, Orange-head opened a way out and provided a set of similar Caps to the rest of the party. With some difficulty, they managed to figure out the caps’ command word and get past the eels and trap in the path, eventually emerging into a canyon.



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