Broken World

Setting Forth

Bravely the party assembled and began their adventure, terrorizing a guard into letting them past the Wall.

One of the first oddities they found was an immense statue, toppled against a cliff. Numerous ghosts seemed to be using it as a road, although from where and to where were not clear. With some trepidation, the party climbed the statue to the top of the cliff, suffering no discernible ill effects from the ghosts.

Not long thereafter they encountered the City of the Vanished. After some discussion, they slept inside a mall, encountering spooky noises but little else.

The next morning, they set off through a swamp. Falling down a sinkhole, they encountered a small group of bullywugs, whom they promptly slaughtered. Or mostly – one did manage to escape.

Navigating the cave below the sinkhole, the party found a path out blocked by a tangle of tree roots. While most of the adventurers were able to slip through (with various amounts of difficulty), Amnon found himself trapped as Lord Draxis, from outside the tunnel, tried to set fire to the tree. This set the roots to thrashing wildly, which technically allowed Amnon to get through, but left him barely conscious.

Once he reached relative safety, the party camped.



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