Broken World

The big bad badgermoles

formerly "all the little people"

The party made some attempts at figuring out the sphere, with little success. Sadrin found a left-hand glove, which he decided to wear.

After a time, the party wandered away and found an earthen structure, arguably underground, with some strange spatial properties. Among other things, it cannot be entered except by climbing to the top of its staircase and then going down.

Within that place, the party discovered a sleeping man, or at any rate something man-shaped. Lord Draxis managed to get himself trapped, and the rest of the party left him there for a while. In the meantime, they found a trapped chest full of colored stones and a room full of gears that didn’t move.

Once he was freed, Draxis gathered all the stones for himself. The party then confronted the man, reaping confusion for their troubles.



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